Born of Night


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Born of Night is the first book in The League series written by New York Times #1 bestseller, Sherrilyn Kenyon who has also written The Dark-Hunter series and The Chronicles of Nick Series.  The DH and CON series are going to be turned into movies and the DH series will also be a TV show in the near future.

Born of Night is set in a different universe known as the Ichidian Universe which consists of both humans and aliens and lots of planets (kind of like Doctor Who for you DW fans!).  The humans and aliens get around the universe in things known as Freighters (most of them anyway, since there are different names for some transportation vehicles; picture provided at the end of one of the character’s) which in my eye are kind of like planes.  ANYWHO!  Born of Night is about a man named Nykarian Quiakides (Nah-keir-REE-un Key-aqua-dees : From Sherrilyn Kenyon’s website) and a woman named Kiara Zamir who is a princess of one of the planets.  Nykyrian is the only person to ever leave The League (A government of assassins who are supposed to protect the innocent but they are highly corrupt) and live.  He is now known as Nemesis the leader of The Sentella (A rogue group who in the eyes of The League are the corrupt ones, but they’re really good).  Nykyrian has to protect Kiara because of a contract he signed with her father upon her father’s request that she be protected especially after getting kidnapped and almost raped.  Nykyrian tries his hardest to keep up his guard after being tortured when he was a child, so as not to get close to her especially since she is the King’s daughter and he is nothing but scum.  Kiara is a dancer and one night goes to a friend’s birthday party where she has to be saved from her kidnappers and in an attempt to save her, Nykyrian blurts out that she’s “my mate” and she agrees to it to save her skin which, on his planet, is absolute marriage.  He tells her that all she has to do is declare that they’re divorced in front of someone to break the marriage but she’s in love with him and doesn’t want to do that.  He too falls in love with her and when the enemy strikes again, her father issues a death warrant for him and his best friend Syn (Sin) who signed the contract because her father believes that they raped and killed her because he wanted her back home and she never turned up there.

Now, I don’t want to ruin the book for you especially since this is a PG blog and this book is rated 18+.  But if you’re 18+ it is a must buy because it is absolutely amazing and yes, for your pervs, there are a few sex scenes.  To find out how it ends, you can pick it up at a book store,  I got my copy from Barnes and Nobel, paperback for $7.99.  You will enjoy it trust me.  There’s plenty of sarcasm, romance and action and let me tell you girls he is one HOT DUDE to look at!  He has NEVER lost a battle and has a long assassin’s braid, white blond hair and green eyes.  (Yes, he’s human but he’s also part Andarian, You’ll see when you read the book)

I must warn you, however, his past is brutal so be sure to have tissues handy when you’re reading this book, you will need it for various parts.   Let us know how you like the post and be SURE to get back to us if you read the book, we’d love to hear your take on it!

Caillen’s Freighter (A friend of Nykyrian’s and the best dang pilot Syn has!) Image

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