We Who Are Alive And Remain – Untold Stories from The Band of Brothers

We Who Are Alive and Remain
Untold Stories from The Band of Brothers
Marcus Brotherton

I first want to say that I absolutely love the author for putting this book together. Towards the end of the book, he had some of the children of the men who were in Easy Company tell us about their fathers. It makes the book a bit more personal (even though I am in no way related to these great men. What I mean is that this book, those stories, are going to hit you hard.) Also, he didn’t forget to name the men who were killed in action at the end of the book. There’s the KIA list, a list of the people who went down on the flight that an Easy Co. man was supposed to be on, there’s a ranking diagram, a list of their campaigns, a diagram of their involvement in the campaigns, and a list of the known members of the division. Marcus truly went above and beyond to give readers a great amount of information, and I appreciate him for that.

This might come as a shock to you, but I cried while reading this book. The stories from these men range from pages to one sentence. The tears usually started falling when I was reading the one sentence stories. These men not only talk about what happened while at basic training and during battle, they talk about what being a hero means to them. They talk about freedom. To me, this wasn’t just another history book. This is a book you want to read if you truly want a learning experience.

The book also has pictures, so no excuses. Get reading.



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