The Rescue


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“The Rescue” by Nicholas Sparks.

What can I say about “The Rescue” besides the fact that it was Nicholas Sparks’ most personal story?

Well for starters, it is a story about a woman named Denise Holton and a man named Taylor McAden.  Denise is a single mother of a boy with a developmental problem.  She keeps going to several specialists to get him diagnosed but the diagnosis keeps changing, so she decides to teach him on her own.  Taylor McAden is a volunteer firefighter and a carpenter.  One night, Denise crashes her car and her son goes missing.  The rest is a complete spoiler for those of you who want to read it!

This story is very uplifting and there will be a moment or two where you will cry.  I promise that you will need tissues for this book as well.  It seems as though I’ve been reading a lot of those of lately.  Haha!  Nicholas Sparks is such an amazing writer that this story will inspire you to never give up and to take hold of what you have.  It also teaches you that everyone you meet in life will have an impact on you.

“The Rescue” is a very sweet story of a child who finds his voice and a mother who would go to the end of the world to help her child.



P.S. You can find the book at the link provided :


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