The Bride of Devil’s Acre

The Bride Of Devil’s Acre
Jennifer Kohout

Where to start, where to start! UGH, I don’t know how to review this without too many spoilers!

I’ll start with a comparison, that sounds like a good start. Have you ever seen A Clockwork Orange? If you have, then you know that there’s murder and raping within the first 15 minutes. Same thing with this book. Rape and murder, along with kidnapping. Who raped her? It certainly was a plot twist for me, you would’ve thought he would’ve been there to save her from it. Who is he? Who is the rapist? Who is the girl? What the hell is going on? Read the book.

This book is a romance book, but also very action packed and suspenseful. I will just categorize it under romance and fiction until further notice.

This book also brings up a lot of problems we have in society today, which seems like a huge problem to me seeing as how the story takes place in 1855. From what I’ve just told you, you know the woman got raped, that just adds on to the fact that she was blamed for killing her mother all her life. Virginity/sexuality has always had some kind influence on a person’s reputation. Since they are way back in the day, it’s worse. The rape was considered her fault, all of the rumors were believed by all of the town’s people. She had to hide herself, she felt sick with herself. Of course, for those of you who know me, if something bothers me I will talk about it. So yes, I will be bringing up a social issue here, because it’s what my reading inspired me to do! This woman didn’t asked to be raped. This woman was dressed in extremely appropriate clothing. She didn’t ask for any of it to happen, therefore it was not her fault. It is never the victim’s fault.

Anyway, before I make some enemies, or even worse- before you stop reading this review, I just want to point out that this is a great book. Plot twists (for my people on tumblr) and action packed, it’s wonderfully put together, with just the right amount of love and compassion. AWWWW.

You can purchase the book online at,%201

You already know what I’m going to say. Check the locals first before buying from big companies. This is another book I had the honor of getting my hands on for free, thanks to I won it in a giveaway, because I’m a winner.

Check out Goodreads and join the 2014 reading challenge. Me and Sammie here are having out own personal competition to see who can read 200 books faster. This is book 3/200. We have our own set of rules for it, and so far no cheating has occured.

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