History · Non-Fiction


I had to read Night by Elie Weisel for my Creative Writing class. I finished it a few weeks ago but things have been so hectic, I could not write my review of it. First of all, Night is NOT a book that I would normally post about, it’s one that Rachel would.

Night is a historical non-fiction book about a Jewish boy named Elie who gets hauled up in different concentration camps with his father. He had a mother and sister but he and his father were separated from them in the first concentration camp. Elie narrates the struggles, the smells, the sights of every concentration camp.

With 126 pages, Night will capture your heart and make you cry. The harsh truth of what was done during WWII to the Jewish really makes you wonder how inhumane some people can be. Overall I give this book 5 stars because anything less would not be appropriate!!


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