Sam is Publishing a Book!

Hey guys! Sam here!

For anyone who is interested and wants to buy my book and read it, I am going through all of the motions of publishing with Amazon. My friends and I are going to be editing it so that hopefully by September of this year, it will be published. Today I got the ISBN number for it. All that it needs is our finished interior and words The book is finished at 300+ pages but now I just want to perfect it. You can “Like” my page

which will be updated as I go through the process. If you want to check out the preface of the book (which will not be altered at all) go to:

My synopsis is also getting altered so there is not one at the moment. But it is a Vampire Romance novel. No it is not Twilight I promise! Mine is mixed with Greek Mythology and witty sarcasm  If you do read it, please let me know what you think so far!166745_336949656427003_1132087298_n

Thank you all so much for being a part of our blog!  OUr next update will be soon!  There will be a non-fiction book about Education, The Da Vinci Code and a non-fiction clinical psychology book 🙂 All by the end of the month!! ❤




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