Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Shutter Island
By Dennis Lehane

Shutter Island

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Shutter Island was one of the many books I bought two weeks ago. It was written by Dennis Lehane and takes place in the 50s. For those of who you are movie buffs and/or fans of Leonardo DiCaprio you have probably seen Shutter Island in theaters or on television. Shutter Island follows Teddy Daniels who is a U.S. Marshal who comes to Shutter Island in search for the truth. There is a prisoner/patient missing named Rachel Solando but on his quest to find her, Teddy Daniels also has a dark past that he is trying to sort out. Rachel Solando is held prisoner in Shutter Island because she killed her three kids (two boys and a girl) and sat them down at a table to have dinner with them.

Teddy Daniels lost his wife in a fire that was started by Andrew Laeddis who is the patient that Teddy Daniels is looking for in Shutter Island. Teddy Daniels’ partner, Chuck, tries his best to help him out but Daniels is also very secretive. Teddy and Chuck find themselves having to sneak around in order to find answers because all of the doctors are acting as if nothing has happened.

The book has just the right amount of humor but it is mostly drama and definitely a psychological journey. Shutter Island was genius and well-written. I definitely give this book 5 stars. For a few reasons:

1. As a psychology student, every detail of the patients behavior is completely realistic and logical.
2. The description makes the reader a part of the setting.
3. The dialogue draws the reader in and makes them laugh, and gasp, and also tugs at the heartstrings.

As always, drop a comment if you’ve read it and agree/disagree! Feel free to message us with a book you’d like us to review!




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