Bearing an Hourglass by Piers Anthony







Here’s a brief summary on the book:

Norton got into a situation where he became Chronos, the Incarnation of time. “What situation, Rachel?” READ THE BOOK AND LET ME FINISH. Chronos carries an hourglass with him (along with a cloak that makes him basically invincible), hence the title, Bearing an Hourglass. Norton… Chronos… has to defeat Satan. The Father of Lies tricks Chronos not long after he takes his office as the Incarnation. He has to defeat Satan for the sake of the world, but he doesn’t do it alone, he has the help of three other Incarnations – Death (Book 1, my favorite book), Fate (and her three aspects), and War. Also, before I go any further, Satan is also an Incarnation, so is God. Does he defeat Satan? Read the books.


Now, for my opinion of the book. It was great, although some parts did confuse me. I wasn’t confused with the story itself, but just the language the characters used, and I’m not talking about drawkcab. I’m talking about science talk. Here’s an example:

“But our sun, too, is moving, for our Milky Way Galaxy is rotating, and so the sun is carried around that galactic axis at the rate of about a hundred and fifty per second. Just as Earth’s motion about the sun is about seventy-five times as rapid as the motion of a spot on Earth’s surface about Earth’s own axis, the velocity of galactic rotation is about eight times as great as that. Yet even this is relatively insignificant. The known universe is expanding, so all matter is in motion with respect to Galactic Rest. In that sense, we are traveling at approximately half the speed of light, or ninety thousand miles per second. Impressive, isn’t it?”

Very impressive, right? Anthony is a great author. Don’t let paragraphs and phrasing like this scare you away from reading this book. Anthony is very smart, so it was easy for him to understand what he was writing. Do not get discouraged, read it slowly, read it more than once if you have too. It’s alright if you don’t understand it at first, break down your sentences so you can understand them and if you don’t understand a word, look it up. If you think this paragraph is impressive (or diffcult) just wait until Chronos talks to War. War is… he’s damn near a genius. Like I said just take your time reading, I promise this book is worth it. Also, maybe the reason that paragraph is ridiculous is because IT WAS SATAN WHO WAS SAYING THAT.

I had to put this book down for about 20 minutes because I couldn’t stop laughing. Why was I laughing? Well, I’ll tell you why. Chronos was given a ring that’s a snake. The snake speaks in squeezes. One squeeze for yes, two for no, three for “i don’t know/both yes and no”, and he can squeeze for numbers too. Well, while Chronos was in Hell, Satan tried to steal the ring from him. Chronos changed the sand in his hourglass so Satan was the only one going backwards. Here’s what happened:

“Norton reached for Satan’s hand to take Sning back. Satan tried to snatch the ring away, but his reversed reflex caused him to shove it directly at Norton instead. Norton took the snake and returned the ring to his finger.”

The next line:

“Sque-he-he-heze! Sning seemed to be laughing.”

ISN’T THAT ADORABLE?! I WAS DYIING OF LAUGHTER. I told my friend what happened and I said, “It’s so cute even though the scene takes place in Hell. I guess you can say it was… HELLA CUTE.”

I realize I am very bad at giving reviews but that’s only because I am not skilled in holding back from spoilers. Please make sure that if you do decide to read these books (which you should), read On A Pale Horse first. I wasn’t joking when I said they have to be read in order. My reviews are just to basically let you know that these books are out there and they are worth reading. I can’t wait to read the third book, which I believe is about Fate, she’s exciting.

You can purchase the books by clicking on the following links:

As always, CHECK YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORES. I got this book from the library here in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee and luckily they had it. Sadly, they only have this ONE book out of EIGHT books… but I’ll be okay. But please check your bookstores, LOCAL ONES FIRST, LIBRARIES SECOND, and if you cannot find what you’re looking for in those places THEN you can resort to big name sellers. Vote with your dollars.


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