Aimee Shaye’s 86 Coming Soon!

Aimee Shaye

Eighty Six

The Chronicles of the Seven Sons Book Two

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Synopsis (2)

Sypher, Hades’ only son, was outcast by his mother. He was forced to live life as a human until his village was taken over by a slew of vampires and his best friend’s rogue twin brother. If that wasn’t enough, in the year 1920 he finally found love, only for the girl to disappear. Now in 2014, Sypher finds a man who looks exactly like him and exhibits powers stronger than Sypher himself. Have the past ninety five years of his life been a complete lie?

Release Date: February 2016

Teasers (2)

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Aimee Shaye is a Dark-Fantasy/Romance and Erotic Romance author.  She knew she wanted to be a writer at the age of six but it wasn’t until she was fourteen that she started to work on her first novel,  Destroyed (Chronicles of the Seven Sons Book One).  It took her seven years to complete, and publish, Destroyed due to her writing style changing as she got older.  Aimee loves to spend her free time writing while listening to rock, pop, or country music (depending on the genre that she is working on.  Her Chronicles of the Seven Sons Series will be 8 books long and involves everything from gods and goddesses to dragon, demons, and angels!  In September of 2014, Destroyed was published through Amazon’s Createspace and is available in ebook and paperback formats. She is currently working on finishing The Chronicles of the Seven Sons series as well as working on her erotic novella trilogy, The Forbidden Trilogy and several stand-alones.



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