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Sam: Hey, I’m Sam! I love to read and write and so it dawned on me that I should do both and who better than to do it with my best friend Rachel!

Rachel: This is Rachel! The best friend! Writing is just one of my favorite things (obviously reading is a favorite too). So why not write reviews about awesome books I’ve read?

Sam: My favorite book series are The Dark Hunter series, The Chronicles of Nick Series, and The League series by Sherrilyn Kenyon. So of course, when those books are mentioned, you’ll know right away it’s me.

Rachel: And if you see any books by Piers Anthony or history books, you know it’s from the best friend. …

Rachel: For me, I got into reading thanks to elementary school, the one good thing that came out of school besides friends, was reading. I liked it when I got older, high school and now, and I learned what individuality meant. Writers always write what THEY want, they express THEIR thoughts in THEIR words. I love seeing how different people are. That’s why I got into reading, because everyone is different.

Sam: I also got into reading in elementary school. My parents would always tell me to pick up a book when I was bored and so that’s what I did. It started with the Disney books and then when chapter books came into my life, I read the Dear America series from Scholastic and it just took off from there. Because of it, I can read many genres and look at everything without getting bored!

Rachel: I LOVE DEAR AMERICA BOOKS! My favorite one was about some black child who was a slave, and she would teach herself how to read and spell words whenever she had to clean indoors and then she’d go back to her space and write secretly in her journal.

Sam: OMG Yesss! That one was good! I liked the one about Titanic lol…I’m such an idiot! haha!

Rachel: LOL I have that one I never read it though because I know about the movie.

Both: Well, I think we said more than enough lol I’m sure they’re bored reading about us so let’s just put this one last thought:  IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT US TO READ AND REVIEW LET US KNOW AND WE’LL BE GLAD TO CONSIDER IT (if our time allots for it, which it probably will). DON’T BE AFRAID TO CONTACT US EITHER!

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